ANP – Associação Nacional de Produtores de Pera Rocha (National Association of Pera Rocha Producers) was set up in 1993 and represents around 86% of Pera Rocha production in Portugal. It brings together the main entities involved in the sector: fruit-growers, fruit-growing associations, fruit wholesalers, exporters and other interested parties in developing Pera Rocha, such as local governments and credit institutions.

The ANP coordinates and encourages a quality policy for this unique fruit and is the managing entity of the DOP (Protected Designation of Origin) “Pera Rocha do Oeste”.

Besides promoting Pera Rocha in the domestic market, the ANP also has the mission of promoting this Portuguese variety abroad.

Today, Pera Rocha is now the Portuguese fruit champion as far as exports are concerned. Currently, around 60% of the production goes to more than ten foreign markets, with Brazil accounting for a quarter of Pera Rocha sales abroad, followed by Morocco, the United Kingdom France, Germany and Spain on the list of biggest customers. Poland, the Netherlands, Ireland, Switzerland, Romania, Uruguay, Colombia, Canada, the United Arab Emirates and Jordan are some of the other countries where Pera Rocha is present.

The ANP also has the objective of encouraging people to eat fruit every day, promoting good eating habits and the adoption of a healthy diet.



The ANP has developed partnerships with various entities to promote Pera Rocha do Oeste, its region, enhance the knowledge of its members and boost their companies’ profitability.