Rocha Pear brings international chefs, critics and journalists to Portugal’s West region

Rocha Pear will be the protagonist of the gastronomic trip that, on 5, 6 and 7 September, brings to the West region of Portugal 18 chefs, gastronomic critics, journalists and influencers. Organized by ANP – Portuguese Association of Rocha Pear Producers, this initiative aims to show the characteristics of this exclusively Portuguese product, not only in its fruit form, but also as an ingredient of great gastronomic versatility.

Oscar Bosch and Bruno Katz, from Brazil, and Samuel Moreno, from Spain, are the chefs present on this trip to the flavors of Pera Rocha. Critic Dorit Schmidt, from Germany, and influential bloggers Elizabeth Atia, from the United Kingdom, and Sophie Seïté, from France, as well as instagrammer Fábio Moon, from Brazil, are part of the group with a total of 18 participants of five of Rocha Pear’s largest export markets: Germany, Brazil, Spain, France and the United Kingdom. The entourage of chefs and influencers also includes journalists from specialized and prestigious media, such as Folha de S.Paulo (Brazil).

The program, which runs in the middle of the campaign, promotes visits to an orchard and a fruit supply center, as well as tasting moments to several dishes and flavors inspired by Rocha Pear and the Portuguese West, the main fruit production region.

Nearly 60% of Rocha Pear production is already destined for foreign markets. In 2017, exports exceeded 90 thousand tons and reached 80 million euros.